Ever forget to check lottery tickets for winnings? Feel difficult to compare numbers by eyes? Run out of idea of picking numbers? Want to share excitement by playing games with others in pools? Lotto Monkey Mobile App can help you! It uses a phone to scan tickets, compares your picks with winning numbers, notifies you upon drawing, and manages pools for your office-mates! Download it now from Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

Scan and recognize Lottery ticket! (Phone as Scanner!)
Manage lottery group tickets and members (Pool!)
Get notified the drawing results by email and pop-up alert on phone (Notifier!)
Play same set of numbers on all drawing dates (Rollover!)
Use calendar to easily navigate through drawing and winnings history
Quick Pick numbers based on history winning analysis
iOS 5+ or Android 2.2+
Internet Access
iTunes App Store
Google Play Store

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